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Building a Web Application With No Programming Background PT1

  • Video by: Jon Woo
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In this module I will make sure the viewer understand what a browser is and its responsibilities, How you instruct the browser to render a web page and the languages used to do so.

When I imagine my audience, I picture a person who is starting a business and wants to make a website, but is only experienced with browsing the web and has no idea what HTML, javascript or CSS is. Most of the time, online courses/videos approach concepts as if the viewer is already familiar with what the technology is. Javascript courses may start off referencing how it is a scripting language and they will teach you to modify the DOM or how to debug with developer tools in chrome, or an HTML course might describe how it is a markup up language and how it will teach you about the tags, but what if a viewer has no idea what these things are because they have no programming background.
Here I am only going to assume that the viewer has experience looking at websites in a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.