MyFirstApplication See the World

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Eliot Arntz

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Your first application

Try adding one more View Controller Object to your storyboard and then transitioning, or in iOS speak, "segueing" to that from your View Controller with the world on it. To do this, you will need to add another UIViewController and a button somewhere in your project.

**Just make sure to click the "push" segue as your segue type! Push segues can only be used when using UINavigationController and are the only segue that will give you a back button for free. If you select something like a modal segue, then the new screen will be presented with no way out! (for now). You can delete segues by clicking the circle on top of the arrow that links your View Controllers and pressing delete.

UINavigationController is a great and popular way to transition from screen to screen in iPhone applications. In fact, if you take out an iPhone right now and open up a few of your favorite apps, you will be guaranteed to see it! Look out for the navigation bar on the top of the screen.