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C# 2010: Inheritance Part 6

9m 56s


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Learn how to create inherited classes for when classes may have shared methods or variables. Part 6 of 6.

In this video, we will discuss the principles of inheritance. We will look at what it is and why it is used. We will also look at polymorphism and adding members to derived classes. In part two, we'll look at creating an inherited class by showing an IndividualCustomer class that inherits from the Customer class. You'll see how methods are inherited from the parent class. In part three, we'll look at using inherited members. You will see how different methods are called using an inherited class structure. In part four, we will discuss overriding and overloading members. You will see a demonstration of overriding methods. In part five, we'll look at a demonstration of overloading methods, which is recreating a method in a child class inherited from the parent class. In this part six, we will look at creating very generic and incomplete classes that can only be derived from. These are called Abstract classes. You'll also learn about Sealed classes that cannot be derived from.