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C# 2010: Introduction to Classes Part 1

4m 45s


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Learn about what a class is, how they are used, and how to create one yourself. Part 1 of 7.

In this video, you will see a demonstration of working with a class provided by the .NET framework. In part two, we'll discuss some of the parts and keywords you need to know to understand classes. This lesson will focus on constructors, instances, and members. In part three, you'll see a demonstration of creating a class, and some of the options and properties you have while creating a class. We'll also add some methods variables to the class to give it some functionality. In part four, we'll continue working with the customer class. You will see how to add documentation to your classes and how this aids you in writing code. We'll also take a look at using the class view. In part five, we'll continue looking at and working with the class view. We will use it to create a class, and add a constructor and properties to that class. In part six, now that the class has been created using the designer, we'll take a look at the code generated by Visual Studio and make some changes a long the way. In part seven, we'll add one final method to our Customer2 class. We'll also discuss and compare properties and methods and when it is appropriate to use one or the other.