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SharePoint 2013: Business Solution Basics Part 2

3m 59s


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Learn about the tools available to customize your SharePoint 2013 applications. Part 2 of 5.

In this video, you will learn about how you can mix and match various tools to create powerful business applications. These tools include the SharePoint browser interface, SharePoint designer, and Microsoft Office. Part two discusses columns, which are a single piece of information in SharePoint 2013. You'll see how and where to define them in your applications. In part three, you will see the various types of content, such as documents, pictures, and contacts in SharePoint 2013 and how and why they are used. In part four, you'll learn about views and how they can be used in your business applications. You'll see a continuation of the previous demonstration adding a view. Finally, in part five, you will learn how to save your Lists and Sites as templates to be reused by you or others at a later time.